Sunday, 18 October 2020


Being released from darkness can be fearful for many - for so long we have been held back from expressing our true inner radiance by the false structures that have been in place. As these structures fall away we each have an opportunity to express our truth in the way we live our lives. Using meditation as a tool or any other practise which takes us inward we can listen to ourselves.When we remove the outside distractions we become an empty vessel and can create from source. The passion that arises in each of us is the sign that we are living our truth and that we have tapped into this powerful energy. This passion is the energy that drives us to our new life.

Discovering Our Truth

 Until we awaken to our own truth we will always be vulnerable to manipulation by others. Once we are firmly rooted in our own sovereignty life flows through us and we are able to feel the peace and love that is always available to us. We feel strong and empowered even in the most difficult circumstances.

Coming to Now

 We never really know what our forebears have gone through to birth us to this now time. Memories are increasingly unrealiable and it is for all of us to forgive love and accept whatever has happened in the past and create a new reality of where we are now engaging our heart and feeling compassion for all and moving forward feeling connection with all whatever they are experiencing in this moment and knowing we are all one.

When We are Ready to Receive

 As I move through my life - now I know for sure I have been too busy had too many distractions as I allow myself a little time and go back  over my life I am realizing the amazing  opportunities I have missed as my ego self strove to move ahead with desires. Just today I opened a book given to me by someone who I loved dearly yet had not opened til now - at 29 - such a gift - yet I was not ready to receive it at the time.   Now I can see a bigger picture and am able to embrace that gift  from so long ago from a soul companion along  the way.

Making Decisions

 As we move through our unigue  consciousness revolution we are all faced with decisions that we have not had to encounter before. Therefore fear arises -  as we realise many are also going through similar challenges

Fast Fashion

 The need for constant fashion changes - is it directly connected with the lack of connection we have with the earth. The seasonal changes - life death - ebb and flow although different countries and cultures have different experiences - we all experience these polarities while we are on earth. Be it external or internal - part of being here now is to experience change and how it affects us and our feelings.


In every moment we have choice - as we recognize our divine self we become more connected to nature and are less attracted by a man - made external world - we recognize we are connected to our fellow beings - humans -  animals - plants - microbes- simple cells - and that ultimately all we seek is within ourselves - it is called love - or divine presence and we connect with this through being still  or some call this the practise of meditation.